Product Sourcing & Acquisition

We can locate your required products at local prices from companies throughout China. Only a small portion of Chinese businesses are online and even less communicate in English, so if you already source online, you are not really getting a complete picture. So that we can find the best solution for your needs and specifications, we not only search manufacturers, but also wholesalers and retailers to get the desired item and quantity you want.

Once we find suitable suppliers, we do due diligence to check quality standards and that they meet all the criteria for your needs, then we shortlist them again. The result is a group of companies that are 100% suitable to give you what you want at the best price.

Our most commonly used service which uses our “8 Step Process” guarantees we give you consistent quality results. From small business owners to large companies use our assisted purchasing to minimize their risk and control the entire process of buying quality products and services here in China. Think of us as your “right hand man.”

To ask any question or find out more about how we can service your needs, we are available at your convenience. 

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Supplier management & Auditing

If you are already dealing with a Chinese supplier and are experiencing difficulties in communication, understanding, procedure, price changes, supply of wrong items, slow responses, delays etc., we can help.

Our supplier management service manages your project with these suppliers, so that you get exactly what you need without the headaches and focus your time on other important issues for your business. These services include:

Supplier Audits – If you want an accurate report on a supplier or potential supplier, we can put your mind at rest with a supplier audit. We will conduct an inspection to verify the supplier, its licenses, competencies, capacity, quality procedures as well as other pertinent information and submit a report to you on our findings.

Product Inspection – These inspections are done during various stages of your product/s production process. Our findings report on the specifications, quality control, production issues, and their remedy so that the final result is to your requirements.

Pre-Shipment Inspection – Depending on the products you have purchased, you may need to have a pre-shipment inspection to verify product is of the required quality and quantity to your specifications and packaged correctly for shipment. We will instigate a report that will put your mind at rest and address and rectify any issues ahead of time.

To ask any question or find out more about how we can service your needs, we are available at your convenience. 

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Manufacturing & Quality Control

When you have a product that needs manufacturing, we can handle this entire process for you while taking measures to ensure quality, lower your risk and protect your intellectual property. All procedures and information received from you are strictly confidential, and non-disclosure agreements and other appropriate paperwork can be implemented.

We will research and locate a suitable supplier, negotiate your business, mediate instructions, arrange samples, audit quality control and do inspections, so that the entire process is transparent and ensures the result you require.

One of our key strengths is ensuring that customers have access to products with “western” standards of quality whilst screening away any inferior products. This requires us to diligently audit all products, materials and certifications hence reducing the risk of any disappointment to our clients.

Our Director will also personally check your project, being a “westerner” himself. Knowing your requirements and being here on the ground in China means we can uphold a strict quality control system for you on your behalf.

To ask any question or find out more about how we can service your needs, we are available at your convenience. 

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Product Sales

To further support our clients and suppliers on both a local and international level, we have the ability to open markets worldwide to sell your products.

Our method is direct and targeted precisely towards your products demographic, putting them directly in front of your desired audience. Currently we provide these services in 24 countries of which we are continually expanding.

Our product sales capacity can be divided into the following three core areas:

Sales Agent– Representing a person or company as an official part of their own business, to market and sell their product for them.

Buyers Broker– Independently representing your product through our own company.

Disclosed Dual Agent– As a disclosed dual agent, we represent both the buyer and the seller to oversee the entire purchasing process to ensure both parties receive an honest and fair deal. We are responsible to both parties and mediate for the transaction.

To enquire about how we can sell your products worldwide, we are available at your convenience. 

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