Shaun Ford – Director (Australian)

About Us

Not everything is practical to buy from China, depending on quantity, specifications or delivery requirements. We can give you the overall picture of the process, pricing and requirements you need to make your own informed decision.

After 11.5 years living and doing business in China I am back in my hometown of Brisbane showing other Australian’s how to leverage their own businesses.

We offer you a simple way of getting what you want without the communication frustration, language barrier and cultural misunderstandings. Our goal is to help you to buy quality products and services “smarter” using our simple 8 Step Process, so you can reduce your risk and get excellent results.

Our Chinese government license to import and export (which most Chinese manufacturers and logistic companies do not have) allows us to control the entire process for you without any unknown faces, additional fee’s and time wasting.

After over a decade in China, we have the experience to completely understand your needs and then source, select, inspect and supply quality services and products.

We are quite happy to represent your business and be involved as much, or as little as you like depending on your personal requirements.